Here is what some of Rob’s collaborators have said about him.

“An astonishing musician with a profound compositional sense of how to do just the right thing at the right time.”
– John Zorn

“ Man alive! We’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff together, and whatever it is, he always brings something beautiful to it.
I love Rob.”
– Bill Frisell

“Rob Burger’s playing is built around resilient and evocative melodies, making any of the subtly experimental arrangement approaches seem as natural as toast in the morning.”
– Signal to Noise

“When I put a session together and have Rob Burger on it I feel secure that there will be magical moments. Rob’s musicianship elevates anything he is playing on whether it’s bluegrass, precious classical music, real rock and roll, serious soul music, traditional and avant jazz and music that hasn’t got a name yet. And he truly cares about every note he plays — the kat couldn’t be a hack if he wanted to. He is a true musical magician, chameleon & scholar. In fact I think he is a fucking demon who made a deal with Beelzebub and will lose his soul one day but in the meantime he’s as good as it gets and I’m lucky to have his phone number.”
– Hal Willner

“The possibilities are endless when working and playing music with Rob. His spirit lifts the room and his music inspires everyone else involved both musician and listener to dig deeper, play and listen better and make the most of those precious moments whether in the studio or on the live stage.”
– Joey Burns, Calexico

“After Rob records his parts, these things start to sound like real songs.”
– Sam Beam, Iron and Wine

“Rob has the most serious grooves of any musician I know. He can do anything from the most gorgeous melodies to the most outrageous jagged and inventive parts. Since he’s an amazing composer, he always adds parts I never thought of.”
– Laurie Anderson

“Rob is one of the top artists I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”
– Lucinda Williams